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      Outsourced Accounting Services

      Small Business Payroll

      If you are like most small companies then it is unlikely you have in-house payroll experience. This makes it tough to keep up with ever-changing regulation and your HMRC compliance obligations. This is not to mention keeping your employees happy.

      Acting as a traditional payroll bureau, Kirk Rice can take the administrative load off your back. On top of this we can look at how your small business could make savings – such as on national insurance payments.

      We don’t take a one-size fits all approach. Our specialists combine deep know-how with the most recent technology to bring a bespoke, personal service – no matter what type of business you are.

      After all, something as simple as a payday error can damage your reputation with your most valuable asset: your employees – as well as dent your credibility across your industry.

      Our director only payroll service

      We also provide director-only payroll services where we can help with tax planning. Here, we might advise on how you could take a lower salary, for example, and receive your remaining remuneration in dividends – saving national insurance but still qualifying for state benefits. It’s worth giving us a call so we can discuss your individual circumstances.

      Payroll services we can offer small businesses

      • Register payroll schemes for new employers
      • Carry out salary calculations
      • Deal with payroll variables such as overtime, commission/bonuses, holidays and maternity
      • Handle sick pay, maternity pay, paternity pay etc.
      • Make pension deductions
      • Provide auto enrolment administration
      • Make court order deductions
      • Deliver payslips (electronic or security sealed)
      • Pay your employees on your behalf (we’re an approved BACs bureau)
      • Report and manage payments to tax authorities
      • Provide you with customised reports
      • Do your monthly Real Time Information (RTI) returns
      • Complete all statutory forms (including end of year employee returns like P60s)
      • Give effective tax planning for directors






      Are There Penalties For Late Payments to HMRC?

      I run a small business and just recently cash flow has been a bit tight. I see this as a temporary issue because I am expecting some money in from customers next month. To tie me over I am going to have to be late paying the PAYE bill, what are the repercussions of that?

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