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Setting up in the UK

Setting up in the UK

It is hard to know where to start when navigating complex UK practices, laws and expectations.

On the accountancy side, there are the obvious considerations like UK tax planning, and regular audits. Then there are complications like transfer pricing, or establishing your firm’s VAT status.

It is also hard for most international companies to keep on top of changing legislation. And employing for the right experience can be especially costly – not to mention difficult. Yet getting it wrong is a real risk to your firm’s reputation.

These are all reasons that using a qualified accountant and tax specialist can prove a very cost-effective way of overcoming these obstacles.

But setting up a successful UK business is about much more than just accountancy and taxation. Your success depends on many factors.

You will likely need to decide on a suitable (perhaps inexpensive) location. Maybe you are unsure exactly how to structure your UK business to ensure it is cost-efficient. And the success of a business is linked to attracting the right employees too – which depends on offering competitive benefits packages.

At Kirk Rice, we understand that an organisation would prefer to use one trusted and experienced provider for all its UK needs. So we can guide you on all of these things. Our experience working with international companies means we can make your company’s transition into the UK both smooth and successful.

Some of the things Kirk Rice can help your company with:

Corporation and tax planning

  • Audit and accounts
  • Outsourcing for administrative functions (like accountancy, payroll or HR functions)
  • Transfer pricing
  • Currency
  • Guidance on VAT status
  • Setting up employee benefits (like share schemes)
  • Knowledge on the UK employment market

You can also read a useful overview of setting up in the UK from the British government just here.


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