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Share Schemes

Among a company’s key assets are its employees. And attracting and retaining good people often falls down to the way in which they are incentivised.

This is why share schemes have become increasingly popular with all types of business. Firstly, they provide employees with a direct vested interest in the success of a company. So, offering a share scheme certainly helps you retain good people, which means lower staff turnover.

You might be a well-established business looking to lock-in existing talent. Or perhaps you are a start-up that needs to find alternative ways to reward employees while cash flow is tight.

Either way, there are many things to think about. Discussing your objectives with our qualified team of accountants and tax professionals means we can help you sift through the minefield of different schemes.

Getting the share scheme right is as important as offering one in the first place. Among the things to consider include both the tax and non-tax advantages. Then there’s creating scheme rules and making sure you are HMRC compliant – and agreeing share valuation with HMRC. We’ll take away the headaches of this administration to ensure that what you offer is the right incentive to move your business forward.

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Share Ownership for Employees EMI


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