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Full Outsourcing Service

International firms face a whole new set of financial rules when setting up in the UK. Making a mistake could certainly end up harming a company’s reputation.

Trying to find and run a team of employees with the right local market expertise can be costly though – not to mention time-consuming. What’s more, a company’s needs are constantly changing as it develops.

It is no surprise then, that so many international firms outsource to specialists for their day-to-day financial needs.

Why Kirk Rice?

At Kirk Rice we know how the UK market works. We have years of experience integrating international organisations – both established and start-ups – into the UK system.

Many of our international clients opt for our full range of services. But we can tailor it to you so that your company can choose the exact accounting services it requires. This works out extremely cost-effective and enables you to adapt as your company’s needs change over time.

Our service is provided to you in real time, which means we are in touch as often as necessary (sometimes as often as hourly). And we behave like an internal department – just without all the headaches of actually running one. We offer one fundamental advantage though – you are our client, so we bend over backwards to get things done.

We are used to tight reporting deadlines and changing circumstances. And we listen to what you want. No ifs and buts – your management reports are produced exactly the way you want them.

We’ll report to your group CFO and work with other accountants within your group.  We’ll even consolidate a group of companies for you. And we are used to dealing across time zones and in different currencies.

Where technology is concerned, we can offer our own accounting package or we will happily use your group accounting software. We’ll provide sophisticated reporting – broken down by department and cost centre as required – in any format you choose. We’ll even consolidate a group of companies for you.

All of this is brought to you by a highly experienced team led by an ACCA/ACA qualified accountant. The whole outsourcing department is overseen by Maxine Guest and Susan Beverly, Kirk Rice partners. So your financial needs are in a safe pair of hands.

Are you setting up in the UK?

A lot of our work involves helping international companies set up a subsidiary business in the UK and as such we have clients across all continents. Our experience means we can make a company’s transition into the UK smoother.

Firstly, we enable firms to set up quickly. So there’s no need to let the recruitment of finance teams hold the process up. Plus, our knowledge of the UK’s legal and regulatory requirements means that lack of familiarity with local regulation is not a barrier to starting out.

We can also provide a specialist on the ground. They look after your accountancy, payroll and human resourcing (HR) matters. We understand transitional issues such as reconciling international GAAP to UK GAAP as well.

Our experience enables us to provide companies with advice along the way. As your eyes and ears in the UK we can offer guidance on all manner of day-to-day things that can really add value.

For example, we know what things cost in the UK. So we can advise on the going rates for specific roles you might be employing for. And if an employee is claiming over the odds on a hotel room we will let you know and put the right policies in place to avoid it.

As your UK accounts will probably be audited each year, we will deal with the auditors on your behalf. And by implementing good accounting policies we minimise adjustments – saving you time and money.

Finally, if you are a group of companies then we can act as the UK hub for overseas businesses. In fact, we manage international subsidiaries for many of our existing clients.

Whatever your individual company needs, Kirk Rice can assist your expansion in both the UK and abroad.


Some services we provide to international companies

  • Advice on structure of UK entity and UK tax issues
  • Advice on transfer pricing models
  • Bookkeeping and management accounts (department and cost centre analysis)
  • Sophisticated monthly reporting (with commentary)
  • Attending board meetings
  • Profitability and KPI analysis
  • Preparing budgets and variance analysis
  • Cash flow management, including for groups
  • Manage foreign exchange risk
  • Paying suppliers and other creditors
  • Acting as cheque signatory and making payments on internet banking
  • Managing foreign exchange risk
  • VAT returns, including advice on complex areas such as status of supplies and overseas trading
  • Guidance on and preparing intrastat and EC sales reporting
  • Taking on extra administration (like arranging mobile phone contracts)

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In six years the support Kirk Rice has provided to CVI has been invaluable. My company and myself rely of our contacts at Kirk Rice to provide all levels of information and support; Banking, Country Registration, Payroll, taxes basically all things business and accounting related in the UK and German market we rely on Kirk Rice to help us with. The employees that I work with are like my right hand in managing our business overall in Europe, they are a pleasure to work with, amazing source of support, and we could not do it without them. I could not think of working in the country without the support Kirk Rice and the my contacts there provide to my company.

Brandy Johnson - Corporate Visions