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Raising Finance For Business

Raising finance is a core part of business strategy, and there is a whole host of reasons that your company might need more funds. Perhaps you are looking to expand into a new area? Or maybe you need new technology to improve operational efficiency?

Whatever it is, Kirk Rice can help you with the whole process. Finding the appropriate type of funding, at the right price, involves a number of considerations. We will start by working with you to establish how much funding you require – and how it will impact your cash flow.

Then we can help you find the right type of funding. Kirk Rice is well-linked and can connect you with the type of funder that best suits what you need. That might be a major bank or asset financier, or private equity and high net worth groups.

Before anybody will lend you money though, they will want to evaluate your business and its credentials. Kirk Rice will help you get the right paperwork in order to make sure you have the best chance of securing funding. This will include pulling together and presenting information on your business plans and financial forecasts. Getting it right will also help you secure the most favourable terms on your borrowing.

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Raising Finance

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Using A Personal Loan for Business

I set up a new business last year and I am trading using a Limited company. I need to invest in some new equipment and stock and to do this I shall need to take a loan personally and lend it to my company. Will the interest I pay be deductible from the business profits.

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