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Financial Planning

Kirk Rice Model Portfolio Programme

Keeping on top of your pensions, savings and investments is a full-time job. It requires regular reviews and realignment of your investment portfolio to suit life’s changing needs.

Using Kirk Rice’s investment specialists means that your money is always actively managed. We get your assets working hard for you, while making sure that your attitude to risk is met at all times. Only through extensive research can the most suitable mix of assets and investment products be found. And all of these things play a significant role in meeting your investment goals.

The Model Portfolios can be held within all investment products, including pensions and Individual Savings Account (ISAs).

We have always suggested investors need to be in the portfolios for the long term, being more than 5 years to get the best outcome.

However, with interest rates rising we know clients are more likely to compare performance to their cash savings rates and look at the shorter-term results (under 5 years) of the portfolio

Our performance benchmarks and our investment strategy reflect the need to be mindful of the shorter-term outlook.

How do we decide if the Model Portfolio is suitable?

A Kirk Rice Financial Planner is responsible for determining if any of the Model Portfolios are suitable to meet an investor’s objectives.

Before meeting a Kirk Rice Financial Planner, investors will provide information about their personal circumstances and complete an Investor Profile Questionnaire. The Planner will discuss the preferences shown; the circumstances; specific objectives and will explain the Model Portfolio Service if it is potentially suitable.

It is common for investors to have different investment objectives for parts of their money and this may be best served by having more than one Model Portfolio Risk Score or alongside another Investment Product. For example, investing for the long-term (like planning for retirement in 15 years’ time) may adopt a higher risk than money needed in 7 years’ time when a lower risk and more certainty is more appropriate.

An investor’s tolerance and ability to withstand periods of negative returns will vary during their lifetime and for different objectives. On nearing retirement, protecting values in the short-term may become a higher priority.

At any time, investors in the Model Portfolio Service can reduce or increase the investment risk level of any part of their investment portfolio, subject to review by a Financial Planner. Other investment products may need be considered more suitable.


Kirk Rice is responsible for making recommendations, the regular reviews of suitability and has a direct relationship with each investor client.

The individual funds in each portfolio are all regulated investments.

All parties to the Model Portfolio service are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Investor clients are defined as Retail Clients by the FCA and benefit from the highest protection of their interests. This includes being able to use the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the event of a failure of a firm causing monetary loss and the Financial Ombudsman Service in the event of unsatisfactory complaint handling.

Model Portfolio Investor Review

At least once a year investors are invited to a review meeting with a Kirk Rice Financial Planner or sent a Valuation Report.

The purpose of this is to ensure that the Service remains suitable and make changes where necessary due to any changes to circumstances. For example: if an unexpected expenditure has become necessary the Planner will consider how best to meet that from the Model Portfolio and/or other investment products held.

What are the costs?

Our service is tailored to suit each person and we recognise different circumstances, experience and knowledge can mean the time and steps needed to reach a decision will vary.

The first meeting is without cost and obligation. It is an opportunity for us to have a full understanding of your objectives and concerns. You will be invited to complete the Investor Profile Questionnaire and provide personal information before the meeting through our online Personal Financial Portal.

At the end of the meeting we provide a fee quote for the work required. We will not provide any advice or carry out any work without your agreement to the fee.

There are 2 elements to our Financial Planner fee:

  1. Initial Advice Fee – the meetings, research, planning and recommendation.
  2. Ongoing Advice Service Fee – for the management of the Model Portfolio Service and the annual client review meetings. The Model Portfolio Service as described is only available with an Ongoing Advice Service charge.

Please see our Guide to Investment Services and Costs for examples of Initial and Ongoing fees.

All costs are fully disclosed in the personal recommendation from a Kirk Rice Financial Planner.

How can I find out more about the Kirk Rice Model Portfolio Programme?

Get in touch for an initial telephone consultation to discuss your options.

Peter has a great deal of experience in the Financial services industry and is able to combine that with a personable approach that makes financial planning simple to follow by giving very clear and confident advice.

Nick Good

Call us now: 0208 789 8588

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Kirk Rice prides itself on being open and honest, but always with a flexibility to allow the moulding of our services to your requirements.




Kirk Rice offers peace of mind by offering not just extensive expertise, but reliability to manager and maintain your UK business to retain compliance and legality.




Below we have compiled some of the frequently asked questions and answers about our Model Portfolio Programme








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  • As a Chartered Financial Planner, Peter heads up our Financial Services Department. His career in financial services started in 1990 and as an Independent Financial Advisor he adopts a holistic approach to advising clients. As well as spending time with his wife and daughter, Peter enjoys playing golf, tennis and reading. Peter Sharratt Peter Sharratt Partner Thames Valley
  • Michael is a Chartered Financial Planner and Pension Transfer Specialist. He, often working together with colleagues for our clients, looks after the financial advice needs, including employee benefits and workplace pensions for business owners and wealth and estate planning for individuals. Michael enjoys running and cycling having done Reading and Fleet Half. He also enters cycling events. Michael Powell Michael Powell Partner - Financial Planning North Hampshire
  • Chloe joined the Financial Services industry in 2007; her background of paraplanning has led to a natural progression into the Financial Planner role. She holds Chartered and Fellow status with the CII and is a Pension Transfer Specialist. Chloe provides holistic financial advice including cashflow planning for clients. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Chloe Platts Chloe Platts Financial Planner North Hampshire
  • Lisa joined Kirk Rice Financial Services department in 2017; with 10 years of industry experience gained over numerous roles. Her background of paraplanning has led to a natural progression into the Financial Planner role. Outside of work she loves cooking, being at home, going to the gym and making memories spending quality time with her son, husband, family and friends. Lisa Smith Lisa Smith Financial Planner Thames Valley
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