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Personal Insurances

Having the right personal insurance in place means avoiding added stress at some of the most crucial times of your life. You might be a bread-winner looking to protect your family in the event that you are unable to work. Or you could have just purchased your first property and want to ensure that the mortgage is repaid should you die or become seriously ill. Whatever you need, it is important to get advice to ensure the right protection is put in place to provide financial security for you and your family.

Why use Kirk Rice for personal insurance?

Times of need call for personal guidance and service. And this means focusing on yours and your family’s requirements for both now and in the future.

Our advisers will guide you towards making the right decisions for you and your dependents. This includes minimising tax liabilities (perhaps through using a trust) and making sure the right person is being paid at the right time. We are also on hand to help your dependants navigate the often complex world of making a claim.

Kirk Rice is not tied to the products of a particular provider either. We act independently and on your behalf, which means we can and will research any product in the marketplace. It also means we have inside out knowledge of the protection and insurance market. So we are well-placed to find the insurer that matches your precise needs.

For example, those with existing medical conditions might still be able to get insurance – getting the right knowledge though is crucial in such instances.


Personal insurance isn’t just about finances

Making decisions about personal insurance is about much more than just finances. There are all sorts of considerations and consequences to the protection you have in place. This makes finding the right insurer crucial.

In the case of a serious illness diagnosis or a death, some insurers provide support to dependants before or after a claim. After a diagnosis some insurers also extend support services to you and your dependants. This can help a family adapt to life after a serious illness, or help children deal with the loss of a parent.

Certain insurers offer useful services as soon as you start your plan too. This may help you cope with a family crisis or health concerns even if you don’t eventually claim.


The three main types of personal insurance products are:

Income protection

An unexpected illness or injury might mean that you are unable to work for a period of time. Without any protection in place, this is likely to put huge financial strain on your household. At best, it could mean exhausting your savings – at worst, it could result in losing your home or your ability to provide for your children. Income protection provides you with a monthly income in such an event. Even if you work part-time or look after the home all day, you can still buy income protection cover.

Critical illness cover

Critical illness cover pays a cash sum following a diagnosis of one of the serious illnesses covered by the insurer. Today, over 90% of critical illness claims are for cancer, heart problems, stroke and multiple sclerosis (MS). So this cover can offer a financial lifeline in a time of crisis, or even the money to adapt your home to your new particular needs. It might also mean you do not need to draw money from your savings or go into debt.

Life assurance

Life assurance pays out either a cash sum or regular income following a person’s death. People commonly use life assurance to settle debts, replace their income or create wealth for dependants. Life assurance cover can also be taken out to cover an expected inheritance tax liability.  There are many things to consider, such as the way plans impact whether tax is paid on the death of the insured person.

Kirk Rice will guide you through the numerous options and plans available. We will research and recommend the most appropriate product and provider and assist with the application process.


A no-obligation meeting

To start out we offer you a no cost, no-obligation meeting with one of our financial professionals. They will go through your protection needs with you – as everybody’s circumstances differ – and this will enable us to talk to you more specifically about how we can help.



 Financial Protection – for You and Your Family


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