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Expert Personal Investment Planning for Your Financial Growth

Personal Investments Planning Services

The many variables involved in investing means that running an effective investment portfolio isn’t just about having time and knowledge. It requires experience, as well as some powerful research tools.

There are also numerous things to consider. These include attitude to risk, objectives, tax rates and regulations, as well as products and fund performance. And all these things are changing constantly.

Most investors lack either the time or breadth of market knowledge to run an efficient portfolio. And this is why many turn to Kirk Rice. Our qualified independent financial advisers are backed by a team of experienced paraplanners. Together, they help in-vestors review, research and implement a strategy that works towards achieving fi-nancial independence.

Investment planning from a genuinely independent firm

Effective planning cannot be done without a full understanding of your existing in-vestment portfolio (including property, investments, and savings). Our review will in-clude a full analysis of your existing investments, including a performance and risk assessment.

We will first establish your attitude and tolerance to risk. This includes an assessment of your capacity for loss – in other words the level of risk that you can afford to take.

By managing your expectations, we’ll ensure your investment portfolio sits in line with your attitude to risk – highlighting any currently incompatible areas. Then we’ll scruti-nise the details of your existing portfolio, such as tax efficiency, fund choice and availability, charges, and encashment penalties. By doing this, we can make recom-mendations for improvements.

While we review each investment individually, we take a holistic approach to invest-ment planning. We look at how each asset and product works in the best way towards your objectives – without shouldering unnecessary risk.

Our investment team is not restricted to specific products either. Kirk Rice is truly in-dependent and we research the whole of the market. We can talk through the differ-ent options and opportunities available – whether they are suitable, as well as discuss charges objectively.

We will consider the following types of product (or tax wrappers) on your behalf:

  • ISAs
  • Pensions
  • Investment Bonds (onshore and offshore)
  • Structured Products (deposit and investment versions)
  • Collective funds like unit trusts and OEICs
  • National savings products such as premium bonds
  • Capital protected and guaranteed income products

Our investment specialists regularly attend meetings and webinars with fund manag-ers. This helps us gain a greater understanding of global stock markets and the ex-pected trends or concerns. In turn, this influences our market view, which is taken into consideration as part of our recommendations to you. Meeting fund managers also means we can clearly understand how they are running an investment fund and whether or not we should be recommending them.

If required, we can adopt multiple investment objectives. For example, you might need income while wanting to preserve capital. Or you might need to implement a tax efficient wealth distribution strategy. You might even be investing for a specific pur-pose, such as your children’s education fees, or saving for a house move.

Tax planning also plays a big part in our recommendations. We work closely with Kirk Rice’s tax specialists ensuring we are up to date with the best ways to minimise your tax liabilities on any investment income or gain. (Utilising your ISA allowance and capital gains tax allowances, for example).

Our service can be extended to include regular review meetings. During these re-views we will discuss the progress of your investments and lay out our recommenda-tions for any changes. At the same time we will also consider your changing circum-stances and any legislative or tax changes that could have an impact.

We provide you with reports that include performance reviews and any recommenda-tions. And we’ll carry out all changes to your portfolio on your behalf once we have your agreement.

Our investment advisers believe in transparency too. We can tailor the level of re-porting detail down to your specific preferences – from headline performance figures and valuations to detailed reports showing asset allocation (like equities or fixed in-terest securities), geographical allocation (such as UK, Europe, US) and the individual top 10 holdings in your portfolio. Reports will also include a comparison with the performance of an average portfolio over the same period, as well as the FTSE 100 Index.

A no-obligation meeting

We provide you with an initial consultation – which comes at no cost and no obliga-tion. A Kirk Rice investment specialist will discuss your circumstances and objectives, including your attitude towards risk and capacity for loss. They will also talk about your investment experience. Everybody’s circumstances differ and this way we can talk about how we can help you specifically.



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