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A company’s statutory accounts must always be compliant. Yet reporting requirements are constantly changing. This makes it increasingly hard for companies to keep on top of regulation, and has led to an increase in nasty end of tax year surprises.

At Kirk Rice we make it our business to understand these changes on your behalf. We advise and keep you up to date with accounting policies, relevant disclosures, and will help with the overall cosmetics of your company accounts.

Some companies are legally required to prepare group consolidated accounts. But we can advise on the benefits of producing these for exempt companies too. For example, consolidated financial statements make the process of evaluating a company (for investment or financing purposes) far more reliable – ensuring that no assets or liabilities are missed.

Internal end of year disagreements often arise around the consolidation of reports too. Here, management, accounting and auditing departments try to agree how best to portray a company’s financial health. Kirk Rice is experienced in facilitating these conversations, in order to help firms come up with the best solution.


Kirk Rice have been our business partners for over twenty years, to any new small business I would highly recommend that they work with Kirk Rice on managing their business accounts and payroll. As a partner in a small business I have always focused on customer satisfaction and increasing income, Kirk Rice have helped us move steadily to automated accounts and to manage our payroll, giving us peace of mind. Kirk Rice are always up to date with the latest HMRC legislation, why try to be an expert on tax or employee laws when you have a partner like Kirk Rice looking after your business. All the experts I work with at Kirk Rice also take a genuine day to day interest in your business, unlike many accountancy firms.

Do not try to save money on accounts or payroll by attempting it yourself, if you don’t know how to manage this, pass it to the experts and sleep well at night then you can ENJOY your business, not worry about it!

Kim Sherman - Partner, Play Polo