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SATR – What If I Don’t Have Everything I Need To Complete The Form?Written on January 9, 2019 by Kirk Rice LLP

SATR – What If I Don’t Have Everything I Need To Complete The Form?

I have not yet completed my 2017/18 Self Assessment Tax Return (SATR) because I do not have all the information to complete it. I own a part share in a commercial property which is rented out, but other owners arrange the preparation of the rental accounts. I am concerned I will not have the information in time to complete my own return. What should I do?

In the view of HMRC, if a taxpayer submits an incomplete SATR by the due date, he has not complied with his statutory obligation. However, if the figures needed to complete the return are not available, perhaps because accounts have not been finished, it is possible to use provisional figures.

The published policy of HMRC is to accept that including provisional or estimated figures does not invalidate a SATR, and they will not reject a return, simply because provisional figures are not adequately explained, or because no date is given by which the final figure will be available. However, they emphasise that the use of provisional figures is a factor that will influence whether a return will be selected for an enquiry. Where there proves to be no good reason for the use of provisional figures, or they are not on a reasonable basis, HMRC consider this amounts to a lack of proper care in completing the return and penalties may be levied on the basis that the return is ‘incorrect’.

As you will probably be aware your 2017/18 SATR must be filed online by 31 January 2019. If the return is filed late then an immediate £100 penalty will become due. If the return is still outstanding after 3 months, then a daily penalty of £10 per day will be incurred running for a maximum of 90 days. A return that is more than 6 months late will incur a further penalty of 5% of the tax due or £300, whichever is greater, and a similar penalty if the return is 12 months late.

Any tax that is due is also payable by 31 January 2019. The penalties chargeable for late payment are:

  • penalties of 5% of the amount of tax unpaid 30 days after the payment due date;
  • further penalties of 5% of any amounts of tax still unpaid at six months;
  • further penalties of 5% of any amounts of tax still unpaid at 12 months.

Given the above penalties I would recommend that you submit your return with provisional figures for your share of the rental profits. Once you get the actual figures you will be able to submit an updated tax return. If using provisional or estimated figures, remember to tick box 20 on page TR8 of the full SA100 tax return and include a brief note in the additional information box 19 on page TR7 to explain why. You will have until 31 January 2020 to submit and amendment.


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