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Tax Planning For Individuals

Effective tax planning means minimising your tax liabilities. There are a number of ways that Kirk Rice can help individuals do this.

Firstly, we can take on your self-assessments, whether you are a sole trader, a partnership or a trust. We can also help you plan effectively for more complex tax obligations, such as capital gains and inheritance tax.

We offer guidance on estate planning too, where there is more than just savings to be considered. Through the use of trusts for example, you can retain some control over your assets that are passed down the family line.

Perhaps you are earning in the UK, but are non-domiciled for tax purposes. The laws are complex – but using a tax specialist helps you choose the most cost-effective way to keep up with your obligations.

Tax rules are constantly changing. Whatever it is you need we make it our business to keep on top of legislation on your behalf. So, using Kirk Rice’s team of taxation experts means that you can be sure you never pay too much tax.

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Saving Tax On Buy -To-Let Income

I have a buy to let property that I bought about 8 years ago for £250,000. In the early years I never used to make a profit on the rental income as this used to be well covered by the mortgage interest. The current mortgage is around £100,000. With the low interest rates the amount of interest I pay is low and now I have a profit which is taxable. Is there any way I can shift some of the mortgage on my personal property to the buy to let to minimise tax? The property is valued at £300,000.

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