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Accountancy & Taxation

Accountancy & Taxation

As either a business or an individual there are numerous benefits to using a qualified and experienced accountancy and taxation specialist. And here at Kirk Rice, the accountancy team is forward-thinking - so our service goes way beyond simply keeping your books straight.


Effective tax planning is crucial in minimising your tax liabilities and taking advantage of the current tax reliefs available. But taxation is a complex affair. So, whether you are planning for retirement, an inheritance or for any other reason, using a specialist is the most effective way to ensure you don’t pay too much tax.



Whether you are a small business or a large international corporation, Kirk Rice can offer you a range of specialist accountancy services.

The experience of our accountants means you get the reassurance that your company’s books are aligned with the latest regulation – minimising any risk to your reputation.

On top of mitigating some of the risks we can also help your business grow. You might be considering buying another business, for example. In this instance we can help you carry out an effective valuation that goes way beyond figures. We’ll even help you assess the benefits of a potential merger, or raise the finance to expand.

We can help with the usual corporation tax and VAT planning. We’ll even implement tax-efficient share save schemes and other employee benefits on your behalf. Perhaps you need guidance on more complex tax planning, to take into consideration research and development (R&D), patenting or foreign taxation rules.

You also have the option of outsourcing some or all of your HR functions to us. This way we take away the burden of those vital day-to-day tasks like managing payroll and staff contracts.


This is the end of an era for me with the final matters being closed for Kerebo Ltd…with some weighty emotional baggage attached too as you are aware. I would like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you…I know it’s “just business” and I pay for the service…but you and your colleagues have been extremely supportive to me and my family with managing the accounts over many years….I really appreciate your help and continued support moving forward

Craig MacKay - Belbo Engineering Ltd.

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